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Retail REVEALED: Volume 1

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Unlock the Ultimate Retail Guide: Delve into Customer Behaviour, Trends, and Industry Insights with Our Mid-Year Report!


The retail industry is often lauded for its resilience and adaptability, however, we wanted to find out how our community is really feeling about the state of the market at this time. 

Having spoken to over 300 professional buyers and store owners across lifestyle retail, in this magazine, we’ve not just set the scene for the current retail challenges and opportunities but also tapped into some of the industry’s greatest minds for tips and advice for what to do next. 

Welcome to the first issue of Retail Revealed, the retail brand and buyer’s mid-year guide to all things industry, customer behaviour, trends, and product insight.



  • 61% are somewhat concerned about the future of their business
  • 75% say their physical store is a higher revenue earner than e-commerce
  • 30% are experiencing supply chain issues
  • 55% consider sourcing unique stock to be a challenge
  • 26% have had to stop international importing due to limitations and difficulties
  • 81% of those who have tried Social Selling consider it successful
  • 42% are responsible for marketing their business in some way

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Access industry and customer behaviour trends for the retail industry to inform your 2023 strategy:



With this knowledge, what do you plan to do next? From trends and affiliate marketing to social media's impact on the sales funnel and creating heritage brands with modern appeal, we've accessed some of the industry's most impressive minds to inspire, motivate, teach and excite:

  • In an exclusive interview with Paul Smith’s Head of Marketing & Communications, discover how you can apply the learnings of a global brand to your business. 

  • Explore our guide to all things affiliate marketing, from someone who knows it best. 

  • Breathe new life into your business with our 30 days to better retail challenge.

  • Discover how new owners turned one of Sweden’s most historic cleaning brands into a community-driven must-have in every home.